The conference

The ASA – Association for Applied Statistics and the Department of Political Sciences and the Department of Economics of the University of Genoa,

jointly with the following partners (provisional list)

- AICQ-CN – The Italian Association for Quality Culture (north and centre of Italy)
- AISS – The Italian Academy for Six Sigma
- ASSIRM – The Italian Association for Marketing, Social and Opinion Research
- ISTAT – The Italian National Institute of Statistics
- SIS – The Italian Society of Statistics
- Regione Liguria – The Liguria Region
- Comune di Genova – Municipality of Genoa

organise a mixed-mode on-site/web scientific conference to promote new statistical methods and applications to support data-driven decision making. In this context, contributions to enhancing the use of statistics to both policy making in public administrations and decision making in companies are welcome.

Last update 19 December 2021